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Ula Maria

Award-winning garden designer and landscape architect. 


Ula has a deep connection with nature originating from her childhood spent in rural Lithuanian landscapes, collecting berries and swimming in the river Ula with its banks dotted with coniferous forests, thick woods, and high sandy cliffs.


Ula attended the School of Fine Arts in Lithuania before moving to England permanently in 2008. She studied a BA and MA in Landscape Architecture at Birmingham City University, where she was awarded the Landscape Institute’s John Knight award for both her undergraduate and postgraduate major projects.


Since graduating, Ula has worked for a number of Landscape practices prior to entering and winning the RHS Young Designer of the Year competition where she received a gold medal for her garden ‘Studio Unwired’ in 2017. 


She seeks to create meaningful designs by a sensitive approach to an existing space. Her particular interest is in creating emotive garden spaces that evoke innate connections to nature through memories, senses, and experiences.


RHS Young Designer of the Year 2017

RHS Gold Medal 2017

RHS Best in Lifestyle Category 2018

RHS Silver-Gilt Medal 2018

Landscape Institute's 'John Knight MA award' 

Landscape Institute's 'John Knight Ba award' 


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